#1777 New Directions for Teaching and Learning: Hybrid Teaching and Learning, Linder, Kathryn E, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-1193-7643-9.


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For novices considering teaching a hybrid or fully online course, New Directions is a must read. Even more experienced hybrid/online instructors will find suggestions in this book helpful. Beginning with an explanation of the fundamentals and progressing through evaluating and assessing student learning, tools and resources for course development, student support, and accessibilities issues, this book cover provides a wealth of information for course development.

The features that I found most helpful were the charts, checklists, diagrams, case studies, and down-to-earth recommendations. At first glance, Moskal’s suggestions for planning a course evaluation seemed obvious. However, the explanations for each item will stimulate your thought processes on items we frequently overlook.

The chapter on platforms, tools, and resources was my favorite. It included an amazing list of resources and a checklist to help in selecting the most appropriate resources for your online materials. The examples provided for assessing student learning go beyond the multiple-choice quizzes and essays.

The chapter on faculty training affords the factors to consider in developing your online course. Examples are easy to understand and logical. Collaborative support also plays a role in online course development. The chapter by Haggar, Keller, and Chen includes a framework with recommendations for where, on your own campus, you may find support as you develop your online course. Accessibility for online courses can be a challenge. However, with the best practices checklist provided in Behling’s chapter you will have insights to issues you need to consider.

While “Hybrid Teaching and Learning” is a tool to help faculty develop their online courses, advisors could find it useful for creating an online support site for their students. If nothing else, being aware of good course design could help advisors support their students as they progress through their online classes.

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