Book by Tammy D. Allen and Lillian T. Eby
Review by Kimberly Kozubovska, Counselor
Student Development Center
Cochise College, Arizona 

The Blackwell handbook of mentoring: A multiple perspectives approach takes a decidedly theoretical approach to mentoring while providing a detailed account of both current and historical practices in mentoring relationships. Those in human services, academia and business will find this book to be an ample study on which to base their own mentoring programs.

Allen and Eby present best practices in mentoring which touch on multicultural issues and diverse populations encountered in higher education. Although there is in general a lack of international research presented, the authors do include rather intriguing results of youth mentoring programs in the United Kingdom. 

Even with the compelling inventory of best practices, readers should not expect a practical “how to” manual of this book. Though it is likely too research oriented to be of practical daily use for advisors, this book will be an indispensible reference for advising departments seeking to implement a mentoring initiative. Moreover, in terms of new advisor training, advising departments could greatly benefit from the research on formal workplace mentoring.  

With the exception of the sheer comprehensiveness of this book the major strength lies within the explanation of monitoring and evaluation of mentoring, a common struggle for even the most effective program. Providing evidence of effectiveness, whether through accreditation and the push to evaluate co-curricular activities in higher education or the dependence upon grant funding (and thus the corresponding regulations) in human services, is an essential element which was not undervalued by the authors. 

Largely the weakness of this book is the lack of practical application for the theories presented. Case studies would greatly enhance the somewhat tedious presentation of mentoring research and likely help to gain a wider audience of would-be mentors.

The Blackwell handbook of mentoring: A multiple perspectives approach (2007) Book by Tammy D. Allen and Lillian T. Eby. Review by Kimberly Kozubovska, Counselor. San Francisco, CA: Wiley Periodicals (Jossey-Bass). 520 pp., $137.95, (hardback), ISBN # 978-1-4051-3373-9
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