What effect has Corona had on obtaining a visa?
Unfortunately, the Corona virus has also been involved in the issuance of Schengen visas and Canadian visas. The Coronavirus 19 virus epidemic (COVID-19) entered Iran two months after its spread in China. This spread caused a large number of our dear compatriots to suffer from this disease and to be hospitalized.

This acceleration in Corona's expansion has caused concern in many countries, including Schengen countries(ویزای شینگن), and they have decided to cancel flights to and from Iran. Of course, these concerns have not been limited to the cancellation of flights, and have also had a significant impact on Schengen visas.

Dear compatriots, Due to the World Health Organization's forecast for the duration of the spread of this disease, the situation may have become more normal since the middle of June, and this will cause a high volume of requests and fill the time of embassies. Therefore, it is better to be ready for the time of your embassy if you decide to travel in the summer.


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