Book By: Valenti, Diane C.
Review By: Stacy Woycheck
Associate Director of Academic Advising
University of Maryland Baltimore County


Diane Valenti’s book is perfect for academic advisors making a transition to a managerial role that includes the development of advisor training. This book starts from the ground up providing a detailed look at necessary considerations for the development of effective training programs.  Additionally, it provides great supporting templates that illustrate the thought processes needed to develop these programs and the budgetary considerations that accompany them.

Training Budgets Step-by-Step has many strong characteristics. It is written in a  straight forward, easy-to-manage style. Through its use of extreme detail, the text ingrains strategic thinking methods into the reader by organizing each chapter following the same general outline: purpose, templates, important behaviors for each step of the process, and corresponding case study. Each chapter assists the reader in applying one new step to a process that ultimately builds to a full case study. This inclusion of case studies offers the academic advising administrator a comprehensive set of tools to embrace training through an organized and strategic approach.

The one weakness of note is that template citations can be confusing as they require flipping back and forth throughout the book. However, the accompanying CD allows readers to print the documents, templates and worksheets that can aid in easy movement through the book.  This allows the reader not only to benefit from the book but provides a practical application tool.

This book can help advising professionals and supervisors determine staff training needs and link them to organizational goals.  With budget concerns plaguing higher education systems nationwide, this step-by-step process is invaluable in understanding and navigating the justification required to receive funding.

I would recommend this book for advisors interested in becoming savvy to the administrative functions of the college or university.  It provides a systematic approach to understand what administrators want to know, how to create a plan to address learning needs, develop effective programs, and conform to budgetary guidelines. Valenti’s infrastructure will assist readers in creating the mindset conducive for successful navigation of the organizational bureaucracy.


Training Budgets Step-by Step: A Complete Guide to Planning and Budgeting Strategically-Aligned Training. (2004) Book by Valenti, Diane C. Review by Stacy Woycheck. Pfeiffer. 149 pp. Price $45. ISBN:0-7879-6889-7.

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