Book by Vincent Ruggiero
Review by Sarah Hill
Graduate Assistant, Office of Career Services
Ohio University

Becoming a Critical Thinker encourages readers to actively develop the skills necessary to think critically and thus become more successful in their academic endeavors and daily lives. The book covers a comprehensive range of 'building blocks' that will lead readers to a clear understanding of critical thinking.Becoming a Critical ThinkerSeldom do we stop to consider how we think.

story the author provides a reference that enables the reader to find more information. Each chapter concludes with a quiz that encourages the reader to reflect on the concepts discussed before going online to compare answers to the author's responses. At the end of the book the author challenges the reader to continue reflecting on the concepts discussed and to make critical thinking a lifelong endeavor rather than to 'just consign the book to a box in your basement and let it gather dust' (p. 199). Ideas are provided for continuous learning and a variety of inspirational quotes are included.Good Thinking!are found throughout the book. Here the author relates the concept discussed to an extraordinary person in history, thus enabling the reader to have a 'real life' perspective. For instance, the author illustrates the 'evidence' topic by describing the thought processes used by Walter Reed as he contributed to the eradication of yellow fever (p. 99). At the end of eachGood Thinking!One of the most appealing aspects of the book is its variety. The beginning of each chapter highlights the main themes to be covered in the chapter while 'teasing' the reader to think about the concepts to be addressed. Sections entitled

is designed as a workbook, readers must be prepared to reflect on their own experiences and take the time to complete the exercises in each chapter. Readers who are interested in leisurely reading without completing the exercises may not fully grasp, nor retain, the concepts related to critical thinking. The author enables readers to use information from previous chapters in exercises throughout the book; this concept reemphasis aids readers in understanding the 'big picture' of critical thinking.Becoming a Critical Thinker Because

Becoming a Critical Thinker.Ruggiero's book will benefit advisors interested in evaluation and enhancement of their own critical thinking skills as well as those who seek to support the development of advisees' critical thinking skills. Although this book would be most effective for a course on critical thinking, sections or particular exercises could be utilized in an orientation course in which limited time is spent on the development of critical thinking skills. While this book will not likely become a top 10 resource within the practice of academic advising, it will encourage advisors and students to consider how they think as it leads them to.

Becoming a Critical Thinker. (2006). Book by Vincent R. Ruggiero. Review by Sarah Hill. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 209 pp., $29.56. ISBN # 0-618-52783-4.(5th Edition)


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