Book by Marsha Fralick
Review by: Benjamin Todd
Advising First
Florida State University

Marsha Fralick draws upon her 40 plus years within the field of education, including 33 years of teaching college success courses to offer insight regarding college, career, and lifelong success. Fralick provides an extensive look into processes of learning and areas that impact success in college and beyond. This book is an easy read and would be helpful for anyone working directly with college student populations.

Among it'sits many strengths, the text is well organized so that earlier chapters provide a helpful foundation for main themes found later in the book. Fralick provides an extensive review of motivation, learning styles, personality styles and more before exploring how to plan for college and career success. Each chapter contains multiple exercises and assessments to apply the material the reader has learned and facilitate comprehension. Fralick's holistic approach is both a benefit and drawback.

While the wealth of information Fralick provides can be useful for those of us in academia, I have to wonder if she has entered the arena of information overload for her younger readers. In a world of twitter users and 30 second attention spans the extensive foundation of memory, learning, and personality theory provided might bog down readers who are trying to quickly obtain facts concerning
college and career success. Additionally, the text gives very little attention to the importance of meeting with an advisor or mentor to facilitate college and career success.

Even with these small drawbacks this text is a helpful resource for those who take the time to utilize the lifework of an educator who has spent the last four decades committed to helping students achieve
success. The text is particularly helpful as a refresher for anyone who has forgotten how many areas impact student success.

College and Career Success (fifth edition). (2011). Marsh Fralick. Review by Benjerman Todd. Dubuque, IA: Kendal Hunt. 524 pp, $75.00 (paperback), ISBN # 978-0-7575-8658-3

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