Book by M.G. Lodico, D.T. Spaulding, and KH. Voegtle
Review By Tara McNealy
Director of Institutional Research
Joint Military Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency

Methods in Educational Research: From Theory to Practice provides a thoughtful discussion of the importance of educational research and focuses on far-reaching practical applications.  The book is comprised of fifteen comprehensive chapters ranging from an introduction to educational research and identifying topics to working with research participants and analyzing qualitative data.  In addition to examining traditional topics and methods common in educational research, the authors provide a rich discussion of the diverse types of approaches open to researchers.  The authors also provide helpful summaries, sample research proposals, and listings of key concepts to aid the reader.

A major strength of the text is its utilization of practical examples and its focus on the qualitative and mixed methodologies commonly utilized in advising research.  The text provides practical advice and detailed discussions on implementing research initiatives to improve the educational environment.  The chapter on Program Evaluation is particularly helpful to advising professionals seeking to use research data in program assessment activities.  

The authors’ unique focus on the benefit of educational research is refreshing and makes the text more of a practitioner’s handbook rather than a traditional research textbook.  Of particular note, the authors devote an entire chapter to educational researchers who have made a difference in the lives of students and educational institutions.  The text also provides a section on college and university settings where research has made an impact.  This focus provides inspirational evidence to practitioners who are considering engaging in a research endeavor.     

Methods in Educational Research: From Theory to Practice. (2006). Book by M.G. Lodico, D.T. Spaulding, and KH. Voegtle. Review By Tara McNealy. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 413 Pages.  $ 75.00.  ISBN: #  0-7879-7962-7
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