E-access to the NACADA Journal is located within the Allen Press Pinnacle site where you may search and retrieve Journal article PDFs. 

Due to the emphases on increasing the scholarship within the field of academic advising and the internationalization of NACADA, the Board of Directors of NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising and the NACADA Journal Editorial Board have joined together to provide access to PDFs of NACADA Journal articles to all interested in scholarly inquiry within academic advising.

Instructions: search and download NACADA Journal articles at www.nacadajournal.org.

It should be noted that in opening access to NACADA Journal articles NACADA maintains its commitment to peer review,  professional editing, and publishing both print and electronic versions of the NACADA Journal. Current NACADA members will continue to receive print issues twice each year in the mail.

Download the NACADA Journal Mobile App

Access NACADA Journal article from your mobile device.

Easy Set Up and Access 

  1. On your mobile device (any iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device), open your browser.
  2. Go to NACADA and log in as a member
  3. Click through to Journal Access (by clicking the Current Issue button in the upper right of this page)
  4. If you are on a tablet with a larger screen, you may be taken initially to the traditional online site, but you will see a “View Mobile Site” button at the top of the screen. Click that button.
  5. Add the icon to your mobile device:

     iOS users:

  1. You will see a quick message to 'Install NACADA on your ...'. 
  2. Click on the bookmark arrow icon, then choose the option to 'Add to Home Screen 
  3. If you miss this message, you can click the bookmark arrow at the bottom of the screen at any point and can choose the 'add to Home Screen' option.

    Android users: 

  1. You will see a message to 'Install NACADA on your device', choose to save to your bookmarks. 
  2. To turn this bookmark into an icon on your phone, navigate away from the page and go to your bookmarks page (in your browser), press and hold the NACADA bookmark, and select the option to 'add to home'. 
  3. If you miss the message the first time, you can add the page to your bookmarks and follow the above step above to save the bookmarked page to your home screen. 

Reading Content

  1. You will begin at the home page. You can return here at anytime by click the home icon. 
  2. Go into the Journals link, click the Select button, click on the NACADA Journal and a checkmark will appear, click done
  3. Click on the NACADA Journal
  4. Navigate to the content you are interested in
  5. The content has been collapsed for easy navigation, click on the plus signs to expand it for reading 

Tips and Tricks

  • You can make the text size bigger for the entire application from the settings menu (the gear)
  • The magnifying glass is a search