The author is responsible for ensuring that all references are cited completely in the text and in the list.

  • While all accepted manuscripts will go through reference check, copyedit, and proofreading prior to publication, authors acknowledge that they understand the importance of and assume the responsibility for proper citation and representation of referenced material and data within their manuscript.
  • Do not use the endnote feature of Word to generate reference lists. Citations must not be linked to any other part of the manuscript.
  • Turn off or delete hyperlinks.
  • Do not use hard returns or tabs for each line of a citation in the reference list. The typesetter will format the references, so use a single hard return only at the end of each complete citation.
  • Inclusion of doi numbers for journal articles is strongly encouraged.
  • Ensure that URLs lead to the article cited, not a home page or a broken link. Note: Doi numbers are rapidly replacing URLs as more stable means of citing online references.