ACD Sponsored Survey Guidelines

Short Surveys to Solicit Member Feedback About a Community

Proposed short online surveys that will go out to Advising Community members need to be sent to NACADA EO Liaison, Dawn Krause, for approval before being sent to listservs or to your membership lists (Dawn can help you with this). This ensures that some members are not surveyed too often and that all information requested is necessary and not already on file.

General survey guidelines:
  1. Any survey sent to an Advising Community must be officially sponsored by that Community and have the permission of the current Chair.
  2. The survey author/coordinator must be a current member of that particular Community.
  3. Only one survey will be administered to NACADA members within a 10-day period as prioritized by the NACADA Executive Office.
  4. The data retrieved from these surveys is 'owned' by NACADA. An article reporting the survey results is expected from the survey author for consideration for the. Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources e-publication, or the Academic Advising Today , NACADA Journal  
  5. The purpose and outcome of the survey must benefit NACADA - and not be for the sole purpose of doctoral or personal research.
  6. The topic and purpose of the survey must be directly related to the Community sponsoring it.
  7. Survey authors are encouraged to collaborate with other Communities or other NACADA entities (when possible) on survey topics of interest to more than one unit.
NACADA Sponsored Research Surveys:

Communities that have more scholarly research studies in mind, should check the NACADA Sponsored Research Resources page.  Here, the Reserach Committee outlines specifications for such research, lists results from past surveys and takes requests for future surveys.