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This community comprises professionals who advise post-baccalaureate students. We welcome all who work with traditional graduate students, professional degree seekers, adults returning for advanced degrees or certificates, and alternatively delivered and structured graduate and professional programs. Small in size but great in commitment, our Community provides a mutually supportive context for discussion of issues particular to serving these student populations. Ongoing projects include encouraging discussion of pertinent topics on our LISTSERV, providing resources to help advisors help students, and increasing our presence at national and regional meetings.

GPS Talks Series

Nuances of Advising Graduate International Students

Mark Your Calendar!  The Advising Graduate and Professional Students Community will be hosting the March GPS Talk entitled “Nuances of Advising Graduate International Students.”  This online meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 1:00- 2:00 p.m. ET.  Jordan Wienke, Ian Schonberg, and Shabeer Hussain Amirali, steering committee members, will be presenters for this GPS Talk.   We hope you will be able to attend!

Join via Zoom here:

Submit a Proposal for the 2020 NACADA Annual Conference

Please access this link to view a recorded video which provides information and encouragement to submit a conference proposal for the 2020 NACADA Annual Conference.

A spreadsheet has been created to provide a platform for community members to share information related to presentation areas of interest and to help foster collaboration within our community. Please feel free to add your contact information and topics of interest to help identify opportunities for collaboration for submitting a conference proposal for the 2020 NACADA Annual Conference. You can access the spreadsheet via the following link

Current Chair

Jamie Heck
University of Cincinnati


About Working with Grad & Professional Students

  • The advising needs of post-baccalaureate students are no less complex than that of undergraduate learners and these needs are underpinned by an expansive body of adult learning theory and literature ripe for application.
  • The field of graduate, doctoral, and professional student advising and support is growing rapidly. Thus, the need for this professional community is never more needed.