2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022

PLEASE NOTE | This is an election for the Region Steering Committee. You'll have an opportunity to vote in the NACADA General Election beginning February 11. These are two separate elections. The general election will elect members to the NACADA Board, Region Chairs for even regions, and certain Advising Community Chairs, as well as other leadership positions. The Region Steering Committee Election will elect leaders for the positions below.

2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022
2022 NACADA General Election
February 11-24, 2022
Current NACADA members received a ballot on February 3. Please vote by February 14.  Current NACADA members as of January 31 recieved a ballot on February 11. 
Members need to follow the instructions in the email to vote. 


What is the Region Steering Committee?
The Region Steering Committee helps the Region Chair set region direction through establishing goals and outcomes, aiding in establishing the region budget, carrying out responsibilities and initiatives, and providing historical perspective during transitions of region leadership. The Region Steering Committee represents the diversity of the region, as well as represents each geographical area within the Region. All Region Steering Committee roles are two-year terms, elected by the region membership, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Newly elected members will start their term at the Region Conference.

Qualifications and Requirements for Region Steering Committee Positions
   • current member of NACADA, and maintain their membership through their term.
   • attend both the Region and Annual conferences in-person (if possible).
   • attend (in-person or virtual) all other meetings of the Region Steering Committee.
   • Region Steering Committee members may run for election in a second consecutive term.
   • After serving two consecutive terms, a member must wait two years before serving in another Region Steering Committee position.

2022 Region 5 Steering Committee Election

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator

Maya Calloway Richardson

I have been a NACADA cheerleader since attending my first conference back in 2017. There was something so electric about the atmosphere and organizational mission that I immediately returned home to Michigan and joined MIACADA (our local chapter). It did not take me long to want to further my commitment by taking on a Member-At-Large role (2017-2019) with MIACADA that same year and co-chairing the Annual MIACADA conference in 2018. My current position as the State of Michigan Liaison for NACADA has allowed me to increase my involvement with and knowledge of this organization in great ways. Running for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator position is an excellent opportunity to combine my passion for what we do with my desire to ensure representation, access, and equity stays on the forefront of our collective goals to promote student success while uplifting one another professionally as a community of advisors.

Whitney Levine-Woods

I would love to be the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator for the Region 5 Steering Committee. I have worked in higher education for nearly a decade and prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of my career. I have served on multiple diversity, equity, and inclusion committees, including the Chancellor’s Committee on LGBTQ+ Advocacy at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I have led multiple DEI professional development trainings on LGB+ identities, gender identities, religious identities, and ethnic identities. I am an advocate of promoting change and inclusion among those in leadership roles to prioritize increasing access to minoritized populations at all career levels. I am well organized, dedicated, and experienced in coordinating large-scale initiatives, events, and programming. I appreciate your consideration of me for this role.

Jacquelyn Thomas-Miller

I believe that exposure to culturally relevant resources and trainings, along with diverse opportunities that are accessible to all are the key components of inclusive excellence in advising. As a nationally certified Diversity and Inclusion Instructor I take on this role at the state and national level. Serving on a variety of state and national academic advising boards and committees has honored me to specifically target the advising community.
Mentoring Program Coordinator

Diana “Di” Dingman

I would like to have the opportunity to apply the knowledge I’ve obtained from being in the Mentoring Coordinator role since March 1, 2021. Since then, I co-presented at the March 2021 Region 5 Mentoring Workshop and have been managing communications. At the 2021 NACADA Annual Conference, I attended Gavin Farber’s Mentoring Partnership session and consulted with him to develop ideas to enhance and grow the 2022 program. It has been insightful and exciting to learn what Region 2 has done with their program, and I know we could do the same in Region 5. I also support an excellent colleague, Karen Spangler, from Ball State for this opportunity.

Karen Spangler

I believe in mentoring relationships, being part of NACADA’s global community, academic advising, advisors and their values and principles which include:
    • caring for and about people
    • diversity, equity & inclusiveness
    • commitment to student success
    • commitment to peers, and
    • commitment to continual learning, development, research and practice.
Through mentoring, advisors empower one another to live out these values and principles. Mentor partners can dig deeper into NACADA and advising. Partners can question, theorize, analyze and assess everything more intimately through lenses of diversity, equity & Inclusiveness. Together, mentor pairs support, strengthen and facilitate each other’s professional and personal development. Just as each advisor is a unique, complex individual, no two mentor experiences will be the same. I encourage everyone to “mentor-up” and commit to continual participation in a mentor relationship whether as mentor or mentee. You are not alone in NACADA! 
Michigan Liaison

Rachel Pawlowski

My name is Rachel Pawlowski and I am excited to submit my nomination for the Michigan State Liaison for the NACADA Region 5 Steering Committee. I have been a member of NACADA since 2013 and have been actively engaged ever since. Currently, I serve as the Region 5 Awards Chair and have done so since 2018. Also, I was the Mentoring Committee Co-Chair for the 2018 NACADA Region 5 Conference in Detroit, MI. I hope to take my leadership role to the next level in NACADA and feel that the being the next Michigan Liaison is a great way to do just that. As an Academic Advisor at Wayne State University, I am always looking for ways to help engage other advisors in professional development and truly believe that NACADA is an amazing way to accomplish this goal. NACADA’s mission of being inclusive, global, scholarly, and a community speaks to the core of what I aim to be as an Academic Advisor and what I hope to represent as the Michigan Liaison. Thank you for your consideration. 
Ontario/Nunavut Liaison

Allison Scully

As the current NACADA Canadian Advising Community Chair (2020-2022), I am looking for my next opportunity to be involved with NACADA. For the past 2 years I have beena part of the reviewing team of award entries. I am looking to get more involved with Region 5 and would be honoured to represent Ontario. I completed the MSc. in Academic Advising through Kansas Status University in 2019 and want to continue my learning from other Advisors.  
Wisconsin Liaison

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan is the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the Institute for Environmental Studies at UW-Madison. Rebecca has been active in NACADA since 1996, including presenting numerous times at the National conference in concurrent sessions and pre-conference workshops, has served as Regional Representative for NACADA, faculty for Summer Institutes, Chair for a NACADA regional and a WACADA state conference, President - Wisconsin Academic Advising Association (WACADA), Wisconsin State Liaison to NACADA (two terms), and has served on the NACADA’s Professional Development and Awards committee. Rebecca has written for the New Advisor Guidebook and Academic Advising Today. A former Region 5 Chair, Rebecca is excited about getting back into regional involvement as liaison between WACADA and NACADA Region 5. 

Elizabeth Tremelling

I believe that my experiences on projects and committees during my time as an academic advisor make me an excellent candidate for the Wisconsin Liaison on the Region 5 Steering Committee. I have worked at UW-Platteville as an Academic Advisor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences since Spring of 2019. During my time as an academic advisor I have continued to maintain annual memberships in both NACADA and WACADA and worked on many projects and committees on campus including; the department curriculum committee, the department scholarship committee, Academic Staff Senate, Academic Staff Professional Development Committee (liaison), Academic Intervention Committee, and Women's University Council (liaison).

Starting in the Fall of 2019 to Spring of 2020 I participated in the NACADA mentoring program as a mentee. During the same time I worked as a liaison between our department, the Criminal Justice Association student organization, and Agencies while helping coordinate the annual Criminal Justice Association Career Day. Just after that, I created and helped implement a Women Pioneers in the Workforce zoom series hosted with the help of the UW-Platteville Pioneer Leadership Institute.

My work in committees, and as a liaison, have been very fulfilling and I would love to use my experiences to help NACADA's Region 5 flourish.