2019 Poster Presentations

The following posters were presented at the 2019 NACADA Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Poster 501: Advising Prospective Graduate Nursing Students: A Guide for Students Navigating Their Professional Program Search
Colleen Cleary, Nikki Benbow, Indiana University
Keywords: Health Profession
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Poster 502: Alexa, What's My Advising Code? Advising in a World of Instant Gratification!
Amanda Everhart, Gail Pack, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Keywords: Technology, Online Advising
Poster 503: APTUS: Academic Coaching to Enhance Persistence Through Self-Assessment and Reflection
Brian Yates, Dwayne Melton, Liberty University
Keywords: Student Success, Student Persistence
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Poster 504: Ashleys Advising Around Campus
Ashley Msikinya, Ashley Burelison, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Keywords: Proactive/Intrusive Advising, Student Success
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Poster 505: Beyond the Developmental and Prescriptive Dichotomy: What Students Want from Academic Advising
Michael Chirdon-Jones, Community College Allegheny County
Keywords: Advising Theory, Advising Approaches
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Poster 506: Bridge-In: Increasing Retention for At-Risk First-Year Students
Kyle Phillips, Berea College
Keywords: Student Persistence, First-Year Students
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Poster 507: Bright Brains: Advising Students with ADHD
Kavin Valliere, New York University
Keywords: Diversity, Disability
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Poster 508: Bringing Advising into the Classroom for First-Year Students
Jessica Quatrucci, Amanda Everhart, Margaret Breitenbach, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Keywords: First-Year Students, Professional Advising
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Poster 509: Building Bridges: Creating a Standard of Care Between Campuses to Enhance the Change of Major Experience
Erika Olvera, Susie Saucedo, University of Texas - San Antonio
Keywords: Assessment, 4-Year Institutions
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Poster 510: Connecting for Greatness: Using Individualized Student Success Plans for Academic Recovery
Sandra Picciuca, Abbi Allen, University of Illinois - Chicago
Keywords: Academic Probation, Student Success
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Poster 511: Course Evaluation Data as Advising Tool: Empowering Student Decision Making and Improving Academic Outcomes
Anne Graham, Indiana University
Keywords: Student Success, First-Year Students
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Poster 512: Critiquing Our Role in Student Success: Using Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry Methods to Assess Our Advising
Mark Chimel, Salisbury University
Keywords: Research/Theory of Advising, Advising Concepts/Intiatives
Poster 513: FinishEdD or PhinisheD: Finding the Doctorate for YOU!
Andrew Millin, Mercer County Community College
Joanne Damminger, Wilmington University/Rowan University
Keywords: Doctoral Programs, Career Development
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Poster 514: #FollowUs to Greater Student Engagement! How to Create an Effective Advising Website and Social Media Presence
Taylor Moore, Erika Cole, University of North Texas
Keywords: Social Media, Technology
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Poster 515: From "Disarm" to "Don't Settle" in 30 Minutes or Less: Time Efficient Appreciative Advising to Help Advisees be the Greatest
Suzanne Morrow, Jennifer Younkin, Old Dominion University
Keywords: Advising Approaches, Appreciative Advising
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Poster 516: From Day 1: Connecting STEM Transfer Students
Stacie Rancano, Arizona State University
Keywords: Engineering, Transfer Students
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Poster 517: From Research to Write-Up: Providing Thesis Support for Undergraduates
Laura Bey, Duke University
Keywords: Student Success, Leadership
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Poster 518: Guidebook as an Advising Tool
Beth Yarbrough, Amy Brock, Janet Moore, Belinda Marable, Auburn University
Keywords: Technology, Engagement
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Poster 519: How to Create the Greatest Advising Assessment Plan
Allison Ewing Cooper, Rachael Ronald, University of Arizona
Keywords: Assessment, Direct Assessment
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Poster 520: I AM (NOT) THE GREATEST! Understanding and Combating Imposter Phenomenon in Undergraduate Students
Jim Lingo, Kathryn Dove, Ohio State University
Keywords: Personal Well-Being, Emotion Regulation
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Poster 521: In Their Corner: Peer Success Coaches & Student Success
Maggie Gilchrest, Texas Tech University
Keywords: Peer Advising/Mentoring, Retention
Poster 522: Incorporating Visual Images in Advising
Constance Hanson, Sarah Pearce, Indiana University
Keywords: Orientation, First-Year Students
Poster 523: Innovative Approaches to Student Success Programming
Amy Karr, Allison Burton, University of Kentucky
Keywords: Student Success, Student Persistence
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Poster 524: "Is There Anyone Like Me?": Engaging LGBTQA Business School Students
Brendan Scott, George Mason University
Keywords: LGBTQA, Retention
Poster 525: It Takes a Village: Supporting First-Generation Students in a Living and Learning Community
Jimmie Jones, University of Kentucky
Keywords: First-Generation, Student Success
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Poster 526: Iterative Improvement: Develop, Implement, Evaluate, Refine (or Replace)
Linda Maule, Ashleigh Crowe, Susan Johnson, Indiana State University
Keywords: Assessment, First-Year Students
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Poster 527: Mentoring: Bridging the Gap for African American Male Student Success
Marissa Smith, Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Keywords: Peer Edvising/Mentoring, Diversity
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Poster 528: Merging of Professional Graduate Advisors and Faculty Advisors
Annette Strzelecki, University of South Florida
Keywords: Graduate Students, Faculty Advising
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Poster 529: Merging the Public & Private Sectors: Global Higher Education Collaborations with Industry Partners
Leah Panganiban, University of Washington
Keywords: Global Engagement, Technology/Innovation
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Poster 530: Nevertheless, She Persisted: Appling Feminist Pedagogy to Academic Advising to Support Undergraduate Women Students in STEM
Margaret Hammond, Penn State University - University Park
Keywords: STEM, Feminist Theory
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Poster 531: Practicing Gratitude to Cultivate Academic Advisor Well-Being
Diana Dingman, Indiana University
Keywords: Personal Well-Being, Emotion Regulation
Poster 532: Process-Based Advising in an Outcome-Based World:  Applying "The Process" to Advising High-Achieving Students
Cassandra Jones, Auburn University
Keywords: High Achieving, Health Profession
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Poster 533: Spinning a Web: Making Connections, Building Communities Through Developing Your Personal Advising Brand
Todd Spinner, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Keywords: Technology, Social Media
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Poster 534: Student Success & Career Exploration at Mizzou College of Engineering
Nick Balser, University of Missouri
Keywords: Student Success, Retention
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Poster 535: Tell Me Your Story: Supporting Students from Diverse Backgrounds in Identifying Strengths to Achieve Success
Niki Weight, Elizabeth Harman, Western Oregon University
Keywords: Underrepresented Students, First-Generation
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Poster 536: The Franklin Fridge:  An Advisor-Centered Approach to Student Food Insecurity at The University Of Georgia
Mary Patrick, Anne Vencill, Kathleen Anderson, University of Georgia
Keywords: Food Insecurity
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Poster 537: The One Two Punch on General Education Course Selection: Helping Students Level up Using the Tools in Their Toolbox
Crystal Bannon, Youngstown State University
Keywords: Undecided Exploratory, Career Advising
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Poster 538: The Road to Student "Greatness" Is Paved with Creative Advising: Non-Traditional, Transfer Students and Retention Efforts for All
Suzanne Franck, Mary Herold, Saint Joseph's College
Keywords: Advising Processes, Advising Program
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Poster 539: The Struggle is Real: Confessions of a First-Year Student Advisor
Jeanette Pacheco, Kristopher Infante, Texas State University
Keywords: First-Year Students
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Poster 540: Unpacking Our Biases Using Debiasing Techniques
Gerron Scott, Virginia Commonwealth University
Keywords: Diversity, Training and Development
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Poster 541: Using Advisor Personal Self-Disclosure: Best Practices
Eric Beckstrom, Indiana University Bloomington
Keywords: Advisor Skills, Advising Approaches
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Poster 542: Using Technology to Enhance the Academic Advising Experience: A Year In Review
Kathleen Vandyke, Elizabeth Marion, Prairie View A&M University
Keywords: 4-Year Institutions, Technology
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Poster 543: Weaving Career Advising into Academic Advising to Educate Students to Their Greatest Potential
Xiumei Long, University of Pennsylvania
Keywords: Career Advising
Poster 544: We're Always in Your Corner: Proactive Caseload Management Strategies for Student Support
Jacqueline Loden, Sylvia Mansour, University of Texas - San Antonio
Keywords: Proactive/Intrusive Advising, Advising Program
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Poster 545: Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Developing and Sustaining an Advising Community from the Ground Up
Matthew Markin, California State University - San Bernardino
Keywords: Training and Development, Professional Development
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Poster 546: Who Am I? Helping Students Navigate Their Identity Exploration Through Academic Advising Initiatives
Jim Disrude, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Keywords: Intervention, Student Persistence
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Although the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition provides no instructions on how to use APA in poster presentations, NACADA follows many of the same conventions that would apply to a manuscript:

  • Citations must be included every time a resource is quoted, summarized, or paraphrased.
  • While the complete citation list is included in the event handout, to save room on the poster/document/slide and avoid distracting from the point being made, enough information should be included on the poster/document/slide to ensure that the source is recognized and could be located if the recording of the event were to be separated from the handout.
  • Figures and tables must also be appropriately cited, and where copyright issues may be involved, appropriate permission must be received from the original source and noted.