Web Event Host Guide

One way to get involved in NACADA and with the advising community on your campus is to volunteer to be the host or facilitator for a Web Event (live event or recording). You can find out more about the types of Web Events, costs, and upcoming offerings at NACADA Web Events.

The following Web Event check list, with tips, will guide you through the process. More tips for making the Web Event experience as beneficial as possible can be found at Facilitator Tips.

Checklist for Web Event Host: 

  • Complete the online registration (or purchase a recording). Information about upcoming Web Events and a link to registration is available on the NACADA website
  • Reserve a room on campus appropriate for the technology and the audience. You may want to allow 30-60 minutes before the broadcast for a system check and up to 2 hours afterwards for discussion.
  • Prepare for the Web Event technology requirements and test your system well in advance
  • Determine who will facilitate discussion before and/or after the broadcast. You may wish to identify and invite a topic expert on campus if the topic is outside your expertise. Work with the facilitator after any event materials have been distributed to plan the discussion protocol.
  • Send invitations to everyone who might benefit from the event. Be sure to include a FULL DESCRIPTION of the event’s content (OVERVIEW found on the event webpage), not just the title, in your invitation, to ensure that everyone you invite has appropriate content expectations. Invite professional, faculty, and peer advisers; front-line advising center staff; graduate students in advising programs; student affairs staff; advising/undergraduate education administrators; career counselors; admissions and registration counselors; anyone and everyone you can think of who might be interested.
  • Send a reminder to those invited one week before the Web Event.
  • Send any Web Event materials / handouts to invited participants 1-3 days before the event.
  • Re-check your system within 24-hours of the broadcast.
  • Purchase refreshments (popcorn, Twizzlers, water, soda, etc.) before the event if budget and facilities allow (or recruit someone to do this for you).
  • Arrive at room location well in advance of the Web Event to allow for tweaking of the technology and greeting of participants.
  • Follow up with participants to thank them for attending and gather feedback for future Web Events.
  • Send feedback/evaluation to NACADA Executive Office.  If you have any questions, contact Leigh Cunningham at Leigh@ksu.edu.