Excellence in Scholarly Inquiry Award

The Excellence in Scholarly Inquiry Award annually encourages scholarly inquiry that addresses contemporary and emerging issues in academic advising and higher education from a wide variety of perspectives and methodologies. This award recognizes published research that significantly adds to the body of knowledge on academic advising’s impact, context, or theoretical basis.

The recipient will receive:

  • a check for $500 
  • a plaque to be awarded at the Annual Conference in fall


Submit a Nomination


  1. Any current NACADA member who has independently conducted original research related to academic advising and who has published that research in a peer‐reviewed publication. NACADA membership at the time the research was conducted and/or published is not required.
  2. If the research was conducted by multiple individuals:
    1. At least one member of the research team must be a NACADA member at the time of nomination.
    2. The nomination packet must be submitted by either that individual or another NACADA member on the team.
    3. If the team is selected for an award, the monetary prize will go to the nominator.
  3. Previous recipients of this award are not eligible within 3 years of receiving the award and must submit new original research to be eligible.

4. Current members of the Board of Directors and Council are not eligible for consideration for this award, but may be considered once their term expires.

* Inquiry by multiple researchers/authors are eligible for submission provided that one applicant (preferably the Principal Investigator or Lead Author) is a current member at the time of nomination.

 Nomination Components:
  1. a completed Nomination Submission
  2. a copy of the nominee’s publication
  3. a bibliography of works referenced, if not included in the publication
  4. a letter of reference supporting the nominee’s qualifications for the award which highlights how the nominee’s published research has generated discussion, impacted practice, and/or advanced the body of knowledge in academic advising
Scoring Components: 

Excellence in Scholarly Inquiry Rubric, created by the NACADA Research Committee