Annually, NACADA awards both winners and certificates of merit to various institutional advising-related programs.  Outstanding Program nominations are reviewed on the following criteria:

  1. Innovative Quality — Represents new approaches to effective academic advising.  If a program has been implemented elsewhere but is new to an institution, it is eligible.
  2. Creativity — Demonstrates creative use of resources (human, fiscal, and physical) in the delivery of academic advising services.
  3. Currency — Addresses current problems and issues in academic advising.
  4. Institutional Commitment — Demonstrating commitment to advising throughout the institution.
  5. Impact — Providing definitive evidence of positive student and/or institutional outcomes.
  6. Transferability — Applicable to a wide variety of institutions.

One piece of the application process is to provide an original, publishable manuscript that describes the program and its results.  These are listed below by year.



First Year Advising Program, Oakland University

Nomination submitted by Sara Webb

UT ECE Advising Office, University of Texas at Austin

Nomination by Dr. Veronica V Vasquez




COMPASS Exploratory Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nomination submitted by Joseph Lynch, Assistant Director of the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (Explore Center)

Certificates of Merit:

Knight Watch Program, University of Central Florida
Nomination submitted by Simone K Teel

Dalhousie University On Track Program, Dalhousie University 

Nomination submitted by Ms. Heather Doyle 

ACADAOS Professional Development Program, The Ohio State University 

Nomination submitted by Katie Bush-Glenn 

Exploratory Studies at Purdue University, Purdue University 

Nomination submitted by Ms. Linda Gregory 

Life Design Catalyst Program, University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

Nomination submitted by Mr. William H Johnson Jr

Challenging our Bears, Missouri State University 

Nomination submitted by Ms. Karmen Brewer 

Major Chane Advising, University of South Carolina 

Nomination submitted by Sandra Varney

Get Wise: On the Go-Parking Garage Advising, Florida Atlantic University 

Nomination submitted by Mr. Joseph Murray 

Pikes Peak Community College: A Model for Change, Pikes Peak Community College

Nomination submitted by Mr. Lincoln Wulf




University Degree Completion Program, Kent State University 

Nomination submitted by Ms. Deanna Donaugh 

Program to Admission through Co-Enrollment (PACE), University of Texas at Austin 

Nomination submitted by Ms. Jasmine Rose Schmitt 

Completion Program, State Universty of New York College at Brockport 

Nomination submitted by Dr. Eileen Daniel 

Health and Life Sciences Advising Center, Indianan University Purdue University Indianapolis 

Nomination submitted by Mikki Jeschke 

Rosen College Peer Outreach Mentoring Program, University of Central Florida 

Nomination submitted by Mrs. Vanessa B Blackmon 

Graduating Students through a Finish Line Program, University of Memphis 

Nomination submitted by Mrs. Tracy P Robinson