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2011 NACADA National Survey of Academic Advising

The purpose of the NACADA National Survey of 2011 was to learn about undergraduate academic advising practices within the US higher education academy. Aaron Carlstrom, University of Wisconsin Parkside, and Marsha A. Miller, NACADA Executive Office at Kansas State University, served as editors for the project. A number of NACADA members have contributed to the analysis and interpretation of the survey results. The information linked from this page is made available to all within the profession. We hope that this information will be used to continue to advance the profession of academic advising.

Tables from the survey results are posted below and divided by chapters. Each chapter will include a data summary as it becomes available along with an "implications for practice" article. Implications articles can be used as starting points for discussion during inservice sessions, at advisor brown bag lunches, or informally over coffee. Individual articles may be linked to a internal advisor training sites (e.g., Blackboard©) where the accompanying questions can be used within discussion boards. We hope that NACADA members will find Implications articles useful for stimulating conversations that will lead to greater student success on their campuses.

NOTE: Institutional size is according to the following enrollment figures:

Small ≤5,999 
Medium 6000 to 23,999 
Large 24,000+

Note: In 2015 Tyton Partners, NACADA, NASPA and NACAC partnered to replicate portions of the NACADA 2011 national survey. The resulting Driving to a Degree preliminary report is available on the Tyton website.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Survey Questions

Chapter 2 - Survey Development and Data Collection

Chapter 3 - Institutional Demographics

Chapter 4 - Who Advises

Chapter 5 - Advising Models

Chapter 6 - Professional Advisor Load

Chapter 7 - Faculty Advising

Chapter 8 - Professional Advisor Professional Development

Chapter 9 - Professional Advisor Credentials, Career Ladders, and Salaries

Chapter 10 - Advisor Job Responsibilities - Two Year Institutions

Chapter 11- Advisor Job Responsibilities - Four Year Institutions

Note: the implications article for chapters 10 & 11, Job Responsibilities, is combined.  

Chapter 12 - Administration Beliefs

Chapter 13- Assessment

Chapter 14 - Advisor Reporting

Chapter 15 - Technology


About the Editors:

Carlstrom, A. H., & Miller, M. A. (Eds.)

APA Citation Info:

Carlstrom, A. H., & Miller, M. A. (Eds.). (2013). 2011 NACADA national survey of academic advising (Monograph No. 25). Manhattan, KS: National Academic Advising Association. Retrieved from

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