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Bibliography: Advising Disabled Students

Brinckerhoff, L. (2002).College Students with Learning Disabilities, 3rd Edition. Boston: Association of Higher Education and Disabilities.

Recently rewritten, this brochure provides a great deal of general information regarding students with disabilities in a postsecondary setting

Burke, L., Carlton, P., & Kunze, T., (Eds.), (2000).Cornucopia of strategies for working with LD and ADD students.Boston: Association of Higher Education and Disabilities.

Based on fifty years of combined experience, the authors present a number of strategies they believe have been successful for working with students with learning disabilities.

O-IT.The Faculty Room.Retrieved from

The Faculty Room is a web page designed to assist postsecondary educators in developing an environment and activities that will enhance the learning of students with learning disabilities.

Harper, Ruth & Peterson, Meghan. (2005). Mental Health Issues and College Students. NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources. Retrieved from

Harris, R., & Robertson, J., (Spring 2001).Successful Strategies for College-Bound Students with Learning Disabilities.Preventing School Failure, 45 (3), 125-31. 

Introduces the process used at Ball State University to encourage students with disabilities to advocate for themselves and identify and use college resources including regular contacts with academic advising.

Larson, N., & Aase, S., (Eds.), (2000).From Screening to Accommodation: Providing Services to Adults with Learning Disabilities: A Manual for Disability Service Providers.Boston: Association of Higher Education and Disabilities.

Described as a 'must-have' for any professional in the field of disabilities, the manual covers such topics as background and screening, assessment, appropriate accommodations and confidentiality.

Ramos, M., & Vallandingham, D., (Eds.), (1997).Advising Students with Disabilities.Monograph of the National Academic Advising Association, 5.

The monograph contains articles that deal with the challenges faced by advisors in dealing with students with disabilities. In the articles, strategies are outlined for dealing with such issues as counseling, advising, placement and meeting the accommodation needs of student with disabilities.

Strommer, D., (Summer, 1995).Advising special populations of students.New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 62, 25-34.

Identifies a number of special populations including students with disabilities and based on the experiences of advisors familiar with such populations offers guidance for dealing with their unique requirements.

Wallert, P., & Puffer, C., (1995).A Systematic Approach for Assisting Students with Learning Disabilities in Postsecondary Education.Retrieved from

The authors provide advice on how to meet or exceed the requirements of the ADA without breaking a College's budget.

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