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NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA) is comprised of professional and faculty advisors, administrators, students, and others with a primary interest in the practice of academic advising. With diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, NACADA members advise in a variety of settings and work to promote quality academic advising within their institutions.

NACADA recognizes and celebrates the contributions of professional, faculty, para-professional, and peer advisors to the advising profession. NACADA acknowledges the complex nature of higher education institutions and the role academic advising plays within them, the wide variety of settings and responsibilities of academic advisors, and advisors' diverse backgrounds and experiences. NACADA provides a Statement of Core Values to affirm the importance of advising within the academy and acknowledge the impact that advising interactions can have on individuals, institutions and society. 

The Statement of Core Values consists of three parts: 1) Introduction, 2) Declaration, and 3) Exposition, a descriptive section expanding on each of the Core Values. While each part stands alone, the document's richness and fullness of meaning lies in its totality.

The Statement of Core Values provides a framework to guide professional practice and reminds advisors of their responsibilities to students, colleagues, institutions, society, and themselves. Those charged with advising responsibilities are expected to reflect the values of the advising profession in their daily interactions at their institutions.

The Statement of Core Values does not attempt to dictate the manner in or process through which academic advising takes place, nor does it advocate one particular advising philosophy or model over another. Instead, these Core Values are the reference points advisors use to consider their individual philosophies, strengths, and opportunities for professional growth. Furthermore, the Core Values do not carry equal weight. Advisors will find some Core Values more applicable or valuable to their situations than others. Advisors should consider each Core Value with regard to their own values and those of their institutions.

Advising constituents, and especially students, deserve dependable, accurate, timely , respectful, and honest responses. Through this Statement of Core Values, NACADA communicates the expectations that others should hold for advisors in their advising roles. Advisors' responsibilities to their many constituents form the foundation upon which the Core Values rest.

Click here for a pdf version of this document. This document is a 'member benefit publication'; it can be downloaded and used on campuses in accordance with the NACADA copyright statement.

The Statement of Core Values provides the guidance academic advisors seek from NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising. The Statement is reviewed periodically to ensure its alignment with current professional practices and philosophies. NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising
encourages institutions to adopt the Statement of Core Values and support the work of those who provide academic advising.

Revised 2005  
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