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Excelsior College, Electronic Peer Network (1999 NACADA Certificate of Merit)

Foothill College, Drop-In Online Advising Center

Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait GUST student handbook

Indiana University, Explore Majors at IU (2009 NACADA Technology Innovation Certificate of Merit)

Northern Michigan University, Ask the Virtual Advisor
(2002 NACADA Certificate of Merit). For more information contact : Kim Rotundo

Northwest Vista College, Student Advising Handbook

Old Dominion University, Transfer Student Resources

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Center for Academic Advising (2001 NACADA Award Winner). For more information contact: Paula Dollarhide

Rowan College at Burlington County, Student Handbook (Fall 2016-Summer 2017)

San Diego State University, Advising & Evaluations (2001 NACADA Certificate of Merit)

San Jose State University, Advising Hub (2009 NACADA Technology Innovation Certificate of Merit)
Want more information contact: Peter Drysdale

University of Arizona, Advising Resource Center 

University of Arkansas, Fulbright College Advising Center (2004 NACADA Award Winner)University of British Columbia.
Want more information contact: Elinor Delgatty

University of Buffalo, Undergraduate Advising

University of Central Washington, Department of Sociology, Advising Handbook University of Florida.
Want more information contact: Mutlu G. Çitim-Kepic

University of Kentucky, Arts & Sciences Student Services & Advising Center (2003 NACADA Award Winner)

University of Louisville, STOMP (2007 NACADA Technology Innovation award winner)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Power of Possibilities (2009 NACADA Technology Innovation award winner)

University of Manitoba, ONE - Career site for incoming students and their high school counselors. 2001 NACADA Award Winner

University of Texas - Arlington, University Advising Center

University of Washington, Undergraduate Advising at the Gateway Center (2008 NACADA Technology Innovation award winner)< class="PageContentText">University of Wisconsin-Madison, Which Biology Major? Student handbook (1999 NACADA Award Winner).
Want more information contact: Pat Henrikson

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Student Handbook

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Dalhousie University, MyGuide to study, work and campus life. (2007 NACADA Technology Innovation Certificate of Merit)

Cedarville University, Student Handbook


Dalhousie University, MyGuide to study, work and campus life. (2007 NACADA Technology Innovation Certificate of Merit)

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