Book by: Wilkinson, C.K. & Rund, J.A.
Review by: Tara McNealy
Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Student Services
College of Business Administration
University of Central Florida

Wilkinson and Rund provide an insightful discussion of the safety concerns facing today’s students within our campus learning environments. This comprehensive volume focuses on the changing context of campus safety in a changing world. Instead of concentrating on traditional issues of campus crime, this volume takes a broad view of campus safety as it encompasses issues ranging from outside terrorist threats, challenges presented by growth in study abroad campus programs, to creative partnerships that protect campus communities, and changing technological capabilities. The authors’ unique focus on safety provides advisors with a holistic framework to examine safety in terms of the psychological, emotional, and physical well being of students, faculty and staff.  They recognize that safety issues and threats in the surrounding community, and even on a global scale, can impact students’ perceptions of safety and emotional well being.

A major strength of the text is its utilization of case studies, real life examples of safety crises, and campus leaders’ responses that illustrate the necessity for additional thought and planning. The text provides practical advice on implementing services and programs to better meet student needs. It is a helpful resource to facilitate discussion with students regarding safety concerns. Advisors especially can appreciate student perceptions of their emotional and physical safety and how these perceptions impact every aspect of their educational experience.  Advisors and advising administrators will find the case studies and responses especially helpful to evaluate the effectiveness of the safety measures, collaborations, and prevention programs in existence on their own campuses. The thought provoking chapters will provide a valuable resource to facilitate an important discussion on campus safety for those working in a wide variety of campus communities. 

Addressing Contemporary Campus Safety Issues. New Directions for Student Services, Volume 99. (2002). Book by Wilkinson, C.K. & Rund, J.A. Review by Tara McNealy. Jossey-Bass. 112 pages. $27.00 (paperback). ISBN # 0-7879-6341-0.

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