50 Communication Skills Activities

The 2003 Your First College Year (YFCY) Survey: Exploring the academic and personal experiences of first-year students

The Advancement of Learning:  Building the teaching commons

Advancing Faculty Learning Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Advising and Learning: Academic advising from the perspective of small colleges and universities

Advising Transfer Students: Issues and strategies

Advisor Training: Exemplary practices in the development of advisor skills

Assessing Conditions to Enhance Educational Effectiveness: The Inventory for Student Engagement and Success

Career Development and Counseling: Putting theory and research to work

The Challenge of Diversity: Involvement or Alientation in the Academy? (ASHE Higher Education Report, Vol. 31, No. 1)

Challenge of Balancing Faculty Careers and Family Work

College Knowledge: What it Really Takes for Students to Succeed and What We Can Do to Get Them Ready

College Study: The Essential Ingredients

The Community College Experience

The Complete Academic Search Manual: A systematic approach to successful and inclusive hiring.

Creating Campus Community: In search of Ernest Boyer's legacy

Developing Social Justice Allies

Emotions of Teacher Stress

Encouraging Civility as a Community College Leader

Exploring the Evidence: Reporting research on first-year seminars vol lll

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Research, Policy and Personal Perspectives

Giving Advice to Students: A road map for college professionals

The High Achiever's Guide to Happiness

Higher Education for the Public Good: Emerging voices from a national movement

How to Teach Students Who Don't Look Like You: Culturally relevant teaching strategies

Introducing the World of Education:  A Case Study Reader

Journal of Dual Diagnosis: Research and practice in substance abuse comorbidity

Learning Later

Liberating Scholarly Writing: The power of personal narrative

Mastering the Change Curve

My Freshman Year

Oral Storytelling & Teaching Mathematics: Pedagogical and Multicultural Perspectives

Organizational Learning in Higher Education

Overcoming Our Racism: The Journey to Liberation

Partnering With the Parents of Today’s College Students

Practical Magic: On the front lines of teaching excellence

Problem Based Learning in the Information Age

The Secrets of Facilitation: The S.M.A.R.T. guide to getting results with groups

Setting Leadership Priorities: What's necessary, what's nice, and what's got to go

Smart Start: A Survival Guide for First Year College Students (and Their Parents Too!)

Spirituality in Higher Education

The Status of Academic Advising: Findings from the ACT sixth national survey

Student Development in the First College Year: A primer for college educators

Rentz's Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education (Third edition)

Teaching Adult English Language Learners

The Wisdom of Practice: Essays on teaching, learning, and learning to teach

Workshops That Really Work: The ABC’s of Designing and Delivering Sensational Presentations

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