Book By: Feirson, R. & Weitzman, S.
Review By: Anna M. Kent
Administrative Advising Coordinator
School of Education
Piedmont College, Athens Center
Athens, Georgia

How to Get the Teaching Job You Want presents a well-organized, comprehensive system for finding a teaching job. The authors, Feirson and Weitzman, provide detailed instructions and practical worksheets that can be adapted to the needs of candidates in different phases of their career. While public schools systems are the focus, the authors address the needs of candidates seeking employment at private schools and international schools as well.

The casual tone of this book helps to diffuse the stress that is associated with the daunting task of finding a job. Each chapter starts with a list of what the reader will learn and ends with reminders. The authors use anecdotes to interject their years of experience as teachers and administrators into the text. Their real life examples provide a solid foundation on which they base their recommendations and advice.

Feirson and Weitzman’s book is infused with helpful tools. Starting with a Personal Profile and a Resume Reservoir (p. 14-17) in the first chapter the authors include worksheets that take the candidate through the job-hunting process in an organized way. The worksheets from each chapter are building blocks for the exercises in the following chapters. The Finding Common Ground (p. 60-61) worksheet in chapter five requires combining information collected in two previous chapters in order to find common points for a candidate to emphasize in a cover letter. In addition to worksheets there are sample cover letters and resumes, a list of the top 100 most common interview questions, and techniques for handling career fairs and networking opportunities. I was most impressed by the final chapter, After the interview, in which the authors give instructions for second and third interviews and salary negotiations. 

The authors encourage using technology by including lists of useful websites, listservs, and links to sample digital portfolios. The detailed instructions for conducting internet research on schools provide enough information for the novice without boring the more skilled.

This is a thorough handbook for candidates seeking a teaching job, taking them from creating a personal profile to settling salary issues. This is an ideal reference book for Academic Advisors of education majors as the book provides vital guidance for assisting advisees through the job search process.

How to get the teaching job you want: the complete guide for college graduates, teachers changing schools, returning teachers and career changers (2nd ed.). (2004). Book by Feirson, R. & Weitzman, S.  Review by Anna M. Kent. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, 266 pp. (paperback), Price $24.95. ISBN #1 57922 068 1.

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