Book by Ron Fry
Review by Karey Fowler
Advising First, College of Music
Florida State University

The title of this book says it all.  Ron Fry has written a concise and informative guide to help anyone prepare properly to enter into today’s tough job market.  As advisors we help students plan and negotiate their academic lives, but too often, we fail to give them insights in how to prepare for an interview. College graduates often are not aware of what to say about themselves in the interview, how to dress, what questions to ask the interviewer or what etiquette should be followed after the interview. Fry’s book addresses all of these issues.

This book, which contains 12 chapters, is very logical and covers the bases for any job seeker.  Fry begins by stressing the importance of developing a personal inventory.  Too often job seekers are thrown by the simple question “tell me about your self.”  Fry provides data input sheets to help the reader logically organize his personal information and suggests rehearsing a two to three minute response to this question.  Fry provides information on making a good first impression, what you can expect during your interview, and even gives suggestions on responding to some common illegal questions.  These questions may include “Are you married, are you Hispanic, what’s your religion.”   

To be adequately prepared, Fry believes one must have knowledge of the company, understand the function of the screening interviewer, and perhaps learn some facts about the interviewing manager. He provides practical tips on how to find information about the potential employer and the hiring manager.  One simple tip is to get company newsletters.  The job seeker must think of himself as an active participant in this interview process and must be able to ask his own set of relevant questions.  After all, one must be convinced that he/she wants to work for this company.

The book also provides information on how to follow up after the interview with thank you letters and phone calls.  The book provides samples of thank you letters and tells what is acceptable regarding follow up calls. Once the job is secured, Fry even discusses how to negotiate your salary.

This is a well thought out, step-by-step guide to help anyone turn the often dreaded interview into something more enjoyable.  Other helpful books by Ron Fry are 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions and Your First Resume. This book is useful for advisors, students, or anyone interested in perfecting his/her interviewing skills.

Your First Interview: For Students and Anyone Preparing to Enter Today’s Tough Job Market. (2002). Book by Ron Fry. Karey Fowler. Review by Franklin Lakes, NJ: Career Press, Inc., 188 pp. ISBN # 1-56414-586-7
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