2013 NACADA Leadership Election Results


(1-year term, Oct 2013-2014)


Joanne Damminger
Joanne Damminger
Joanne Damminger
Vice President:
(1-year term, Oct 2013-2014)
John Paul "JP" Regalado
Board of Directors:
(3-year term, Oct 2013-2016)

Janet Spence
David Spight
Sandy Waters

DIVISION REPRESENTATIVES** (term October 2013-October 2015)

 Commission & Interest Group Division Representative** (elected) Laura Pasquini

REGION CHAIRS (term October 2013-October 2015)

Northeast Region 1 Rodney Mondor
Mid-South Region 3

Regina Artis

Great Lakes Region 5

Debra 'Deb' Dotterer
South Central Region 7 Barbara Smith
Pacific Region 9 Valarie C. Morgan

COMMISSION CHAIRS (term October 2013-October 2015)

Advising Adult Learners Tracy Griffith
Advising Business Majors Paula O'Malley

Advising Education Majors
Amanda Mather

Advising Graduate & Professional Students
Rebecca Hapes
Advising Student Athletes Karen Schiferl
Advisor Training & Development Deborah Hull

ESL and International Student Advising

"In January 2013, the ESL & International Student Advising
Commission and Study Abroad Interest Group officially merged
and name changed to Global Engagement Commission."

Kathy McKeiver
Liberal Arts Advisors Peter Freitag
Technology in Advising Julie Larsen
Theory & Philosophy of Advising Janet Schulenberg
Two-Year Colleges Amanda Hodges

COMMITTEE CHAIRS *** (term of October 2013-October 2015)

Awards Karen Lewis
Diversity Adam Duberstein
Member Career Services Lisa Laughter
Professional Development Sam Murdock