Congratulations to our new Region 6 Steering Committee members!

Awards Coordinator | Sarah Feit | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Communications Coordinator | Samantha Wohletz | Dickinson State University 
Inclusion & Engagement Liaison | Amy Korthank | University of Iowa
Manitoba Liaison | Kristin Suffield | University of Manitoba
Minnesota Liaison | Kari Wilson | University of Northwestern-St. Paul
Nebraska Liaison | Jonathan Acosta | University of Nebraska-Omaha
South Dakota Liaison | Rhonda Carda | Northern State University


2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022

PLEASE NOTE | This is an election for the Region Steering Committee. You'll have an opportunity to vote in the NACADA General Election beginning February 11. These are two separate elections. The general election will elect members to the NACADA Board, Region Chairs for even regions, and certain Advising Community Chairs, as well as other leadership positions. The Region Steering Committee Election will elect leaders for the positions below.

2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022
2022 NACADA General Election
February 11-24, 2022
Current NACADA members received a ballot on February 3. Please vote by February 14.  Current NACADA members as of January 31 recieved a ballot on February 11. 
Members need to follow the instructions in the email to vote. 


What is the Region Steering Committee?
The Region Steering Committee helps the Region Chair set region direction through establishing goals and outcomes, aiding in establishing the region budget, carrying out responsibilities and initiatives, and providing historical perspective during transitions of region leadership. The Region Steering Committee represents the diversity of the region, as well as represents each geographical area within the Region. All Region Steering Committee roles are two-year terms, elected by the region membership, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Newly elected members will start their term at the Region Conference.

Qualifications and Requirements for Region Steering Committee Positions
   • current member of NACADA, and maintain their membership through their term.
   • attend both the Region and Annual conferences in-person (if possible).
   • attend (in-person or virtual) all other meetings of the Region Steering Committee.
   • Region Steering Committee members may run for election in a second consecutive term.
   • After serving two consecutive terms, a member must wait two years before serving in another Region Steering Committee position.

2022 Region 6 Steering Committee Election

Awards Coordinator

Sarah Feit

One of the best parts of becoming an academic advisor in 2019 is the wonderful professional community I was welcomed into with NACADA and this year as a RAMP participant. I’ve volunteered on the evaluation committee for the Awards and Communication Chair for two years. In that time, I’ve gotten to read many inspiring nominations from experienced professionals and those beginning their careers. I’m running for the Awards Coordinator position to continue to strengthen my involvement in NACADA and to help shine a light on the wonderful accomplishments of those in Region Six. If elected, I would work to increase award nominations across our Region.
Communications Coordinator

Dana Gravesen

Greetings NACADA Region 6! My name is Dana and I am a senior academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center (AAC) at the University of Iowa. I have a masters in Communication from Iowa (as well as some other degrees from NYU), have a combined 9 years of advising experience between two 4-year institutions, and have a reputation around the AAC for facilitating communication with students via developing technologies. I attended national NACADA in Louisville, and presented with my colleague Jill Trumm on multi-semester planning with students during last year’s regional conference. The AAC primarily serves first-year students, but I also advise students through graduation in a number of degree-granting majors as well as the health sciences. Our office has strong relationships with other NACADA regional representatives, and I would love to further my own relationship with this outstanding national organization in this regional capacity.

Samantha Wohletz

I am interested in the Communication Coordinator position. I have been a member of NACADA and Region 6 for 8 years. I have previously served in this position for Region 6 and would appreciate an opportunity to do so again. I'm currently the Communication Chair for the 2022 Region 6 Conference. I manage the social media for my office and have updated several webpages for our department. I'm also the Communication Officer for the North Dakota State Staff Senate. I enjoy this position and getting involved in NACADA. I hope to serve Region 6 in this capacity.
South Dakota Liaison

Rhonda Carda

Great Faces, Great Places! I’m a native South Dakotan married to my husband for 30 years. I graduated from NSU in Aberdeen in 1989 and SDSU in 2019 with a Master’s degree in Adult Education. I have a strong commitment to South Dakota universities as my great-grandmother graduated from NSU in 1915. This tradition of broadening individual education continued with my grandmother, mother and now each of my three sons attend a South Dakota post-secondary institution. My oldest graduated from USD in Vermillion for a bachelor’s and NSU for his masters; my youngest from DSU in Madison; and my middle son with Autism attends STC in Sioux Falls online. I am a new academic advisor and chair the recruitment and marketing committee at NSU as well as participate in the Engagement and FYS committees. I love my state and would be honored to represent South Dakota.