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Quality faculty advising is often noted as vital and critical to student success. However, most institutions are not assessing the quality of faculty advising. In fact, when faculty advising is assessed it is often limited, including only quantitative surveys of student satisfaction. Moreover, when assessment occurs it is not typically intended to improve faculty advising and it is not typically used in formal reviews of faculty performance (e.g., tenure). Meaningful and comprehensive assessment is key to quality advising that supports student success. This brief review of the research literature on assessment of faculty advising, identified areas for improvement in practice and policy. Institutions of higher education, professional associations, unions, and accrediting bodies all play a role in improving and/or maintaining quality faculty advising through setting expectations for advising and outlining best practice for assessment.

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Posted in: 2024 March 47:1

Advising as Teaching is a recommended model for advisors of artistic undergraduate students. Through this model, advisors can help guide artistic
leaders of tomorrow into self-efficacy through use of principles related to metacognitive practices. It is important for students in the arts to be supported
by advisors who have a keen understanding of the field, and of those who call the arts their professional home. The collaboration between the advisor
and their artist-student throughout the undergraduate journey, as built through the “Advising as Teaching” model, can affect the student’s ability to reflect,
to choose, to grow, to exemplify and to achieve. Advising students in the arts can have an incredible impact on the learner, and their community of
practice, by choosing to engage in Learner-Centric Advising.

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