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I came to realize, as I had not before, that advising is a form of teaching, that I could draw on my decades in the classroom. In all teaching, we need to find out where learning should begin; now I was learning about the students in a different context….

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first generation students, faculty advisors, Carmela McIntire

In 2011, after years of low satisfaction ratings from graduating students, advising personnel at Dartmouth College created a pilot initiative called Advising 360 that was intended to maximize the strengths of both the academic and student affairs divisions of the College.  In the three years since, they have seen strong evidence that this team approach is working.

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advising strategy, faculty advisors, collaboration, Angela Zhang, John F. Pfister, Natalie Hoyt
Posted in: 2015 June 38:2

With the recurring theme in higher education of focusing on student retention, effective academic advising has become critical. At the same time, university departments are competing for more limited institutional resources and monies directly allocated for advising-related support are often limited.  In this current climate of reduced resource allocation and increased faculty workloads, there are still many ways that the advising relationship can be sustained and even improved.

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professional development, faculty advisors, Colleen Thompson

In an era of accountability for students and higher education institutions, it is critical for advisors to consider creative strategies to cultivate meaningful partnerships with faculty colleagues while maintaining a focus on student success, engagement, retention, and graduation.  Advisors have a responsibility to provide students with academic guidance but to also collaborate with faculty to promote engagement in high-impact practices that provide the holistic and deep learning opportunities that characterize transformational education.

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professional development, academic support, technology, encouraging students, research, faculty advisors, STEM, mentoring, Jill Putnam, Sara Rathburn
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2
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