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Perhaps one of the biggest student misconceptions is that choosing a major locks students into one career for the rest of their lives...Rather than picturing the selection of a major as locking them into one career, students should be encouraged to see it as unlocking a number of career opportunities.

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Students who wait until they are faced with an obstacle to generate alternative opportunities in career development can experience a shock that they are not prepared to deal with.  Their initial plan is the only direction they have considered, and when the road blocks appear, students cannot see beyond them.

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Often times, campus trainings tend to focus primarily on informational components; reviewing policies, procedures, and resources.  Although informational aspects of advising carry a lot of importance, to ignore any one component places the effectiveness of an advising program in jeopardy. Therefore, any academic advising training must give proper credence to each of three key components in order to be effective: informational, conceptual, and relational.  The importance of each should be reflected in on-going training and development programs.

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