AACSS currently provides all consultant and speaker services in-person or virtually. 
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How the NACADA Academic Advising Consultants & Speakers Services provides assistance to institutions

Consultants offer assistance to colleges and universities in the review, establishment, development, or reorganization of advising services through a comprehensive, in-depth virtual or on-site study over a one- to three-day period. Whether it is a single advising unit under review, an entire campus, or multi-campus system, our team of consultants provides the institution both oral and written follow-up reports that discuss the strengths and challenges found, as well as a comprehensive set of recommendations that focus on making improvements.

Many institutions involved in Title III and Title V grants or other grant programs, and institutions preparing for accreditation visits or major campus initiatives focusing on student persistence, retention, and engagement have found AACSS advising audits invaluable. 

Speakers who are nationally and globally recognized as scholar-practitioners in advising provide virtual or on-site keynote or motivational speeches at institutional conferences, professional meetings, and other special events.  They often conduct advisor development workshops for a variety of populations (administrators, faculty advisors, primary role advisors, peer advisors, student groups) on a full array of topics.      

The AACSS Executive Office recommends names of advising professionals whose expertise and experience best match an institution's particular advising needs.  The areas of expertise cross a wide variety of fields such as advising delivery systems, program review, advising various student populations, student retention, and technology in advising, to name only a few. 

We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure outcomes consistent with your requirements, and we provide these services at a reasonable cost.

AACSS Mission

The AACSS supports and guides the global advancement of quality academic advising to higher education institutions and organizations through its network of scholar-practitioner speakers and consultants.


  1. Proactively identify and strategically engage institutions and organizations that may benefit from the services of the AACSS.
  2. Provide an individual or team of consultants to undertake a comprehensive program review of academic advising at a system, institution, or unit level.
  3. Provide expert academic advising scholar-practitioners to deliver keynote addresses, motivational speeches, and workshops.