Reporting Expectations & Guidelines

Every year, Chairs report out twice using a single form called the Division Unit Report. The report is divided into two sections:

  1. Post-Conference report includes columns 1-6.  
    1. This report sets up the unit's goals and outcome measures for the year.  Goals are often defined at your Annual Conference business meeting, but can also be covered via email or Zoom meetings.  Goals should incorporate your unit's input and feedback.  Chairs must list at least two goals (aligned with NACADA Strategic goals) that include outcome measures.
    2. This report is due November 15th annually. 
  2. Annual report includes columns 7-8.  
    1. These columns summarize your progress on the goals and outcomes you listed in columns 1-6.  
    2. The complete Division Unit Report is due August 15th annually. 

Send your report (Word or PDF) to the current ACD Reps, the current EO Liaison to the Advising Communities Division and your Cluster Rep.  Find your Reps contact info here.

Templates & Helpful Links

To complete your Post-Conference report, please start with a new report template each year.  
To complete your Annual Report due August 15th, complete the final two columns on the Post-Conference Report you submitted on November 15th.

Copies of your AC's past reports are available in the left column on this page.

Helpful links:

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