Preconference Workshops for the 2020 Conference will be posted when available. 

All preconferences are $25 and are on the first day of the Conference, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, unless otherwise noted. 

You can sign up for preconferences while registering for the conference. If you have already registered for the conference and would like to add a preconference workshop, please follow these steps.

P1: Speaking the Same Language: Cross-Cultural Competencies and Working with International Students
8-11 am | Wednesday, March 11

In today’s global community, academic advisors at colleges and universities are constantly engaging with students and colleagues from a wide variety of cultures and nationalities. As we shift toward this “new normal,” it is imperative that advisors develop global communication skills in order to best meet the needs of all students and work effectively with diverse faculty and staff.

In this workshop, our goals are to define culture and identify what culture means for each of us; identify how our cultural identities and values may interact with those of our students and colleagues; and develop effective communication strategies we can implement immediately. Through theoretical analysis and collaborative activities, participants in this workshop will hone their cross-cultural communication skills in order to better work with international students and professionals on their campuses.

P2: Assessment of Academic Advising
9-11 am | Wednesday, March 11

Assessment has become an expectation at our institutions. Many of us are unsure about what assessment is, how to develop a plan of action, and even how and where to begin. Through our assessment process we focused on the following three questions:
What do we want students to learn from their academic advising experience?
What do we want them to value and appreciate?
How will we know when students know, value and appreciate?
During this session you will be introduced to assessment terminology and the steps within the assessment process. You will also have the opportunity to identify student learning outcomes and begin to create an assessment map. Participants will also leave with an understanding of the benefits and challenges of assessing academic advising.

P3: “Yes, and…” or “Everything I know about Collaboration, I Learned by Playing Jazz”
9-11 am | Wednesday, March 11

For nearly two decades, comedy troupes like The Second City have used theater improv techniques to teach the business world how to collaborate more effectively. Whether stated outright or implied by a similar response, “Yes, and…” is the necessary reaction of everyone involved in any act of collaborative creation. Attendees will learn how approaches like postponing judgement, critically listening, co-creating, and failing up can prevent stalled projects and abandoned initiatives. Through activities and dialog this session will not only introduce “Yes, and…” approaches but also focus on how to use these skills to bring colleagues to from “no” to “yes” on committees, in staff meetings, or in one-to-one meetings.

P4: NACADA Orientation for First-Time Conference Attendees - FREE
11 am-noon | Wednesday, March 11

Get introduced to NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising and your NACADA region! This new member orientation will provide you with guidance and insights as you begin your journey e to understand how you can make the most of your "first year experience" in NACADA and with your region. During this session you will have the opportunity to: 1) Learn about the structure and opportunities of NACADA; 2) Develop ideas for resources and networking to help you both personally and professionally in your region; and 3) Listen to colleagues share their stories and connect with other new members to the association. 

Bring your questions as well as an open and reflective attitude! Your participation in this session can be the beginning of the first chapter in your NACADA story!



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