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Roberta 'Bobbie' Flaherty, NACADA Executive Director 

BobbieFlaherty.jpgWOW! What a Conference and what outstanding work by your Association's volunteer leaders! We all appreciate the willingness of our colleagues to share their expertise by presenting pre-conference and concurrent sessions at our state, regional, and annual conferences, and we thank them for their work as we gather ideas and support to enhance advising at our institutions. In addition, many members also volunteer to serve the Association through participation in its operation and governance.

NACADA's shared governance structure encourages members to get involved with the Association and provides a variety of opportunities for various degrees of involvement - from committee or task force membership within one of the Divisions to the Board of Directors. Each position provides an opportunity to be involved and to shape the work of the Association while exercising your leadership skills. Many meetings take place around or during the Annual Conference, and Indianapolis was no exception. The results of some of that work are:

  • NCAA Initiatives- Members of the Advising Student Athletes Commission met with Executive Office staff to provide input on the content of the two new NCAA partnership initiatives - an on-line course and an Institute.
  • Institute Advisory Boards- The Institute Advisory Boards reviewed curricula for the 2007 Institutes, discussed options for participant follow-up to enhance their experience, and considered pre- and post-Webinars for participants.
  • Consultants Bureau Advisory Board- This new Advisory Board began their task of reviewing the purpose and operation of the Consultants Bureau with the goal of recommending a stronger service for the members.
  • Publication Advisory Board- After a review of all NACADA Publications, they discussed a timeline for reviewing older publications to determine the need for updating and long range planning for publications to meet the needs of the membership.
  • Publications under development- Editors and others met to discuss timelines and content for upcoming NACADA monographs and Jossey-Bass books. Content Review Board s are continually working with the authors and editors.
  • Diversity Committee- In anticipation of Board approval of their proposed Emerging Leader Program, this group began development of criteria and implementation details for a Fall 2007 class debut.
  • Member Career Services Committee- Reviewed the results of their recent member survey and began developing strategies to address the issues and needs of the membership.
  • Membership Committee- Developed strategies for recruiting and retaining members and strategies for connecting with underrepresented populations in higher education.
  • Professional Development Committee- Reviewed current initiatives and discussed the revision of the Family Guide and its proposed translation into Spanish, as well as updating the Training Video.
  • Research Committee- Continued their work to systematically engage members in research and began work on updating the NACADA research agenda and research goals.
  • Finance Committee- Along with Budget review, this committee reviewed the external financial audit of the Association, discussed a policy on author/editor honoraria, and recommended a policy on non-reimbursement of alcohol as part of the $35 per diem expenses.
  • Regional Division- Discussed enhancing the reporting system, the use of technology to enhance Division communications, and strategies for attracting new members.
  • Administrative Division- Recommended approval of the Emerging Leaders Program and cleaning up of membership categories.
  • Commission & Interest Group Division- Approved the move to commission status of the Theory and Philosophy of Advising Interest Group and discussed many issues relevant to the Division.
  • Council- Welcomed a new Commission, appointed a task force to review the reporting format for Division units; advanced the Emerging Leader Program proposal to the Board with their endorsement; recommended elimination of some old membership categories.
  • Board of Directors- Appointed a task force to review the by-laws and bring them into compliance with the current governance structure and operations; discussed the future relationship with Kansas State University and the organization's sustainability in relation to what KSU provides for the Executive Office; adopted the Task Force's 'Concept of Advising' document as a statement by the Association; reviewed with a consultant the role of the Board and how it should conduct business; accepted the 2007 association budget; approved an international partnership with the United Kingdom to co-sponsor an annual conference; identified diversity and leadership as areas of strategic focus for the Divisions for 2007.

A large and diverse group of members are involved in moving this Association into the future. Their work is vital to the Association's continued growth and to its success in contributing to the field and its members!

Roberta 'Bobbie' Flaherty, Executive Director
National Academic Advising Association
(785) 532-5717
[email protected]

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