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This essay covers one advising unit's approach to accelerating advisor onboarding and professionalization through the creation of a new advisor reading program. The author frames this contribution through the exemplarity/model framework. By outlining the program and the problem it helps solve for this unit, the piece provides readers with a model to think with (via analogical reasoning) when trying to solve similar problems in their own contexts.

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professional development, new advisor training, advisor onboarding, advising administration
Posted in: 2023 June 46:2

Higher education professionals routinely encounter situations that warrant ethical decision-making. Often, team members find themselves navigating ethical dilemmas without the proper training. This results in team members experiencing a lack of confidence in addressing ethical situations, employing inconsistent approaches and compromising the quality and integrity within a team. It is imperative that leaders foster a culture that promotes ethical decision-making. This article shares how supervisors and administrators can educate and empower team members to foster the development of ethical decision-making skills. Strategies to create a foundation to effectively instill ethical decision-making within teams are provided. Pearls of wisdom that supervisors and administrators can share with team members are highlighted.

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advisor training, ethics, advising administration, Ethical decision-making, ethical dilemmas
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