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The adoption of electronic communication technologies over the past decade has changed the nature of advisors' daily work. Voice mail, e-mail, and Web sites were introduced with the promise of helping us connect to our students. Judging from the flood of student contact these technologies produced, it can be said they have been successful. Most of us are drowning in incoming e-mail messages with overflowing inboxes and blinking lights on our voice mail. Responding effectively to student inquires requires an integrated managed use of these technologies.

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communication, collaboration, technology, advising approaches, George Steele, Anita Carter

If every picture tells a story, then this article introducing five videos on the flipped advising approach is sharing many tales. For the time to re-examine adopting a flipped advising approach has become critical as we react and embrace new ways to advise our students during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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George Steele, flipped advising
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