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The author recommends the NACADA Summer Institute to any advisor who wants to learn, create something positive for their campus and students, and have fun meeting and collaborating with advisors from around the world.

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The NACADA Commission & Interest Group Division has been restructured as the Advising Communities Division.  ACD leadership believes that members will have a better experience as a result of this restructure process.

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It is critical that students become self-aware and develop a sense of purpose and life direction that informs both their decisions on choice of major as well as their career path.  How do higher education professionals help students navigate their most important choice in college, find their purpose and passion, and apply it to a major and career path?

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Having a global orientation to the components of academic advising will facilitate the creation or revision of an advising program. From this overview, questions can be raised and details explored.

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Posted in: 2021 March 44:1

Over the last decade, much of the technology focus in higher education has been on new technology tools, but websites still play a critical role in the college experience. Beyond serving as the virtual front door to campus, websites provide support to students throughout their entire academic journey.

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Posted in: 2021 June 44:2

This article focuses on the challenges faced by second-year college students, often overlooked in academia. It provides strategies for academic advisors to support these students effectively. Emphasizing the importance of advisors guiding sophomores through reflection and goal-setting. The article also advocates for flexibility, and intentionality, as well as proposing unified resources to enhance accessibility and reduce student confusion. In this article, advisors are recognized as pivotal in empowering students during this crucial phase of their educational journey.

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