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The authors share their perspectives on deciding to apply to the NACADA Emerging Leaders Program and the application process to help clarify some common myths about ELP and encourage members to consider being a part of this very rewarding experience.

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Joshua Adams, Brandan Lowden, Kyle Ross, Melinda Anderson, Emerging Leaders Program

In the world of improvisational (improv) comedy, advancing is the process of moving a scene forward.  In the world of academic advising where student success is a central narrative, it is imperative that advisors help students advance their own scene. 

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decision-making, theory, theory to practice, professional development, communication, advisor training, academic support, advising theory, advising strategy, advising approaches, active listening, Melissa Johnson, Kyle Ross
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2

The NACADA Commission & Interest Group Division has been restructured as the Advising Communities Division.  ACD leadership believes that members will have a better experience as a result of this restructure process.

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Rebecca Hapes, Kyle Ross, academic advising, NACADA, Rebecca Cofer, Dawn Krause, Academic Advising Toay, Advising Communities
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