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In the work environment where advisors function, Dr. Nos are people, places or things that prevent advisors from flourishing and growing. In our advising world at Wichita State University, Dr. No was a new computer system. We were asked to adjust to using the new system despite initial kinks and larger, systemic issues. We had a choice. We could either become negative influences who spread gloom throughout our work world, or we could become positive Change Agents who encouraged advisors to share better ways for managing this change. Fortunately, we decided on the latter and made a positive impact on campus.

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advising environment, advising skills, Janet Jensen, Andrea Campbell
Posted in: 2008 March 31:1

A supervisor’s time must often be divided among competing demands, sometimes to the extent that it becomes difficult to identify priorities and strategies for success.  Keeping the three themes of rapport building, technical competency, and leading by example at the center of our focus can promote productivity and healthy working relationships among members of the advising team no matter what the conditions or constraints.

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professional development, advising skills, William Sovich

In the June 2016 edition of Academic Advising Today, NACADA Executive Director, Charlie Nutt, and NACADA President, David Spight, challenged members of NACADA to consider their role in and their contributions to the profession of advising... The work that lies ahead for NACADA members comes with the challenge of an evolving profession, and NACADA members will need to work collaboratively and steadily to capitalize on the momentum that has been created.

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Erin Justyna, advising philosophy, professionalism, professional development, advising skills, advisor competencies, career decision making, professional

Academic advisors face numerous challenges, one of which is providing a quality advising experience under strict time constraints.  When facing time-related challenges, advisors must decide on what information to prioritize as well as the best conversational approach for students.

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Posted in: 2017 June 40:2
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