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Academic advisors face numerous challenges, one of which is providing a quality advising experience under strict time constraints.  When facing time-related challenges, advisors must decide on what information to prioritize as well as the best conversational approach for students.

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advising strategy, advising skills, build relationships, James Wicks
Posted in: 2017 June 40:2

Advising administrators and training developers frequently ask how advisors can build relational core competencies such as communicating inclusively and conducting successful advising interactions. The author presents theory-informed practical recommendations for advisors to help address the “how” of some of the relational core competencies.

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theory, theory to practice, communication, build relationships, advisor competencies, role of advisor, advising theory, preparedness, student motivation, advising strategy, advising approaches, encouraging students, underprepared students, James Wicks, WICKS
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2

Notes are instrumental for student success and instructors understand that, but do academic advisors?

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communication, student motivation, advising strategy, encouraging students, active listening, learning outcomes, James Wicks
Posted in: 2020 March 43:1

The author considers how to spark critical examination and discussion of how to promote student-centeredness at times when self-centeredness often prevails.

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James Wicks, student-centeredness
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