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Assessment is learning; advising is teaching.  The intersection between these two is the street corner where NACADA needs to have its next institute…

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advising approaches, advising theory, assessment, Steve Quinn, critical thinking
Posted in: 2015 March 38:1

If one of the primary goals of academic advising is to get beyond learner engagement and into the realm of empowerment, then that also must be a focus of our assessment.

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NACADA, Academic Advising Today, academic advising, assessment, Steve Quinn
Posted in: 2016 March 39:1

When an advising system redesign is needed, we cannot close the doors while we get it right.  Redesign is an activity both creative and constrained; it must equally embrace the ideal and the real.

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decision-making, professional development, advising strategy, teaching strategy, professionalism, advising space, Steve Quinn
Posted in: 2019 June 42:2

The author shares insights gained during the coronavirus pandemic and thoughtful ways those may be carried forward.

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Steve Quinn, virtual advising
Posted in: 2022 June 45:2
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