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Assessment is learning; advising is teaching.  The intersection between these two is the street corner where NACADA needs to have its next institute…

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Posted in: 2015 March 38:1

The student who does not complete their homework and then provides an outrageous excuse to their instructor is one of the most common tropes in popular culture.  An excuse is provided, the student shrugs their shoulders, the instructor gives a sideways grimace, and then the audience laughs.  Advisors know that, in academics, excuses are a regular occurrence and not as funny as television makes excuses seem.

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decision-making, reflection, critical thinking, Alexander Kunkle

Advising dialogue in the humanities should address how master’s students can continue to stay relevant in the job market as they pursue their studies. By developing an advising plan that advocates both academic and professional options, starting at the bachelor’s level and continuing all the way to the doctoral level, students will be able to better demonstrate how vital the humanities are to society, both artistically and professionally.

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career advising, critical thinking, Rebecca Brazzale

Without the intervention of faculty mentors or academic advisors, undergraduate students often acquire unwise habits regarding course selection.  Faced with the scary task of creating a course schedule, students who do not know where to start often turn to their friends and ask for recommended “easy courses.”  While the magnetic draw of “easy courses” may persist, faculty mentors and advisors can help undergraduates develop a mindset to strategically select courses and plan for their academic futures.

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Posted in: 2017 June 40:2

Students often lack the motivation to participate in the democratic process because they feel that they cannot make a difference.  Academic advisors can provide knowledge and skills necessary for students to become politically engaged citizens.

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Institutions of higher education invest in a diverse set of resources to aid student transition and success. It is not surprising that students who utilize these resources are (directly or indirectly) more likely to be successful in their college pursuits.  How can advisors convince students to take advantage of campus resources?

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