Beyond Foundations: Developing as a Master Academic Advisor


Resources include:

Chapter 1- The Evolution of Academic Advising as a Practice and as a Profession by Hilleary Himes and Janet Schulenberg

Chapter 2- Theory as the Foundation of Advising by Peggy Jordan

Chapter 3- Building Upon the Components of Academic Advising to Facilitate Change by Marsha A. Miller

Chapter 4- Defining Academic Advising: Concepts and Contexts for Practice by Susan M. Campbell and Susan McWilliams 

Chapter 5- Defining Student Success by Stephen O. Wallace and Beverly A. Wallace

Chapter 6- Knowing and Reaching Students by Karen L. Archambault 

Chapter 7- Advanced Advising Practice: Becoming a Master Advisor by Marc Lowenstein and Jennifer L. Bloom

Chapter 8- Advanced Legal Issues and the Master Advisor by Matthew M. Rust

Chapter 9- A Human Capital Approach to Academic and Career Advising by Leigh S. Shaffer

Chapter 10- Advocating for Academic Advising by Leading by Chrissy L. Davis Jones

Chapter 11- Advocating for Academic Advising by Brett McFarlane and Carolyn Thomas 

Chapter 12- Reward Systems and Career Ladders for Advisors by Jeffrey McClellan

Chapter 13- Professional Development by Julie Givans Voller

Chapter 14- Assessment of Academic Advising: Overview and Student Learning Outcomes by Rich Robbins 

Chapter 15- Assessment of Academic Advising: Gathering Outcome Evidence and Making Changes by Rich Robbins 

Chapter 16- Technology and Academic Advising by George E. Steele

Chapter 17- External Conditions That Influence the Practice of Master Academic Advisors by Thomas J. Grites 

Chapter 18- Challenges for the Future: Developing as a Profession, Field, and Discipline by Craig M. McGill and Charlie L. Nutt