The New Advisor Guidebook Companion Resources

Following are companion resources to the book, The New Advisor Guidebook. Resources include:


Part One - Mastering the Art of Advising

Chapter 1 - Mastering the Art of Advising: Getting Started by Pat Folsom

Chapter 1a - New Advisor Development Chart: Building the Foundation by Pat Folsom

Part Two - Foundations: The Conceptual Component

Chapter 2 - Academic Advising Within the Academy: History, Mission and Role by Patrick Cate and Marsha A. Miller

Chapter 3 - Ethical Issues in Advising by Joanne K. Damminger

Chapter 4 - Theory Matters by Kathleen (Kim) Roufs

Chapter 4a - Voices From the Field - Career Advising: A New Paradigm by Jennifer Santoro and Misti Dawnn Steward

Chapter 4b - Voices From the Field: Creating a Personal Philosophy of Academic Advising by David Freitag

Part Three - Foundations: The Informational Component 

Chapter 5 - The New Professional Advisor: Building a Solid Informational Advising Component by Jody Johnson

Chapter 6 - Applications and Insights - Organizing the Chaos: Office and Computer by Pat Folsom, Jennifer E. Joslin and Franklin Yoder

Chapter 7 - Career Advising: The Intersection of Internal and External Information by Dorothy Burton Nelson

Chapter 8 - Legal Issues in Academic Advising by Matthew M. Rust

Chapter 9 - Informational Component: Learning About Advisees - Putting Together the Puzzle by Susan Kolls

Chapter 10 - Developing Self-knowledge as a First Step Toward Cultural Competence by Karen L. Archambault

Chapter 10a - Voices From the Field: Advising International Students by Yung-Hwa Anna Chow

Part Four - Foundations: The Relational Component

Chapter 11 - Effective Communications Skills by Peggy Jordan

Chapter 12 - Academic Advising Approaches from Theory to Practice by Jayne K. Drake

Part Five - Delivering Advising

Chapter 13 - One-to-One Advising by Charlie L. Nutt

Chapter 13a - Voices From the Field: Teaching the Decision-Making Process by Marsha A. Miller

Chapter 14 - Group Advising by Donald Woolston and Rebecca Ryan

Chapter 15 - Group Advising: An Update by Rebecca Ryan

Chapter 16 - Advising Online by Jeanette Pellegrin

Part Six - Advisor Development For Foundational Mastery

Chapter 17 - Advisor Growth and Development: Building a Foundation for Mastery by Franklin Yoder and Jennifer E. Joslin

Chapter 17a - Voices From the Field: Sample Calendar for a Year-Long Self-development Program by Franklin Yoder