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There are a number of reasons why a university would want to change its advising culture.  With advising practices linked to retention, student engagement, and first destinations, robust advising is increasingly being viewed as a panacea to many student support issues.

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proactive advising, advising approaches, intrusive advising, Jennifer Plante, Michelle Bata, marketing
Posted in: 2016 June 39:2

High-achieving students come with great potential, but also great need for assistance, even though that may seem counter intuitive.  High-achieving students have challenges of their own, such as dealing with perfectionism and lack of guidance and support for lofty goals.

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encouraging students, advising theory, advising approaches, student motivation, collaboration, theory, peer advising, marketing, mentoring, theory to practice, programming, first-year students, Rebekah Chojnacki, Emmanuel Garcia, high-achieving, honors
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2
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