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Each year the question of whether or not to implement mandatory advising seems to surface across a variety of venues and mailing lists.  In addressing this question, campuses must be able to answer other questions about how they meet student needs.  When campuses pose an essential outcomes-based question, they strengthen their ability to conceive the most integrative and holistic solutions for ensuring that students can achieve desired advising outcomes.  

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academic support, advising strategy, persistence, communication, encouraging students, advising theory, role of advisor, advising approaches, build relationships, student motivation, advising environment, graduation rates, preparedness, teaching strategy

Whether a student is attending a community college, a private liberal arts college, or anything in between, the inclusion of career competency or soft skill development into conversations with undecided students is important because it sets students up to apply, transfer, and integrate various aspects of their experiences.  

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career advising, academic support, communication, encouraging students, advising theory, undecided, advising approaches, major choice, undeclared, preparedness, first-year students, Tara Vasold Fischer, Christopher Nelson, career competencies
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2

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