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While students routinely report that the primary reason they attend college is to get a better job, few start with the end in mind. If academic advisors are to better engage students in career advising curriculum, they must weave it into all advising. This integration is difficult, but possible.

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Posted in: 2019 June 42:2

Assessment fosters a shared consensus and culture within the campus community about the purpose of advising. By attending the Assessment Institute, advisors better understand ways to demonstrate direct connections to the priorities and mission of the academy.

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professional development, collaboration, role of advisor, advising strategy, assessment, Billie Streufert

Similar to the way universities define a process for declaring a major, some advisors create a form for naming a parallel path. Not every form or process, however, is created equal. The author discussed practices and content suggested by vocational and educational psychologists that advisors can apply.

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Billie Streufert, parallel planning

If advisors are to embody NACADA’s (2017) Core Values, they must evaluate ways their philosophy or techniques perpetuate systemic inequities. One such framework worth consideration is parallel planning and alternative advising.

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Billie Streufert, KyleRoss, parallel planning
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