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Something had to be done about the advising practices at Sam Houston State University. In the years before research and scholarship became focal faculty achievements, students were assigned to faculty advisors across campus. But the days when faculty could devote the time necessary to adequately advise students were soon over. As the emphasis on research increased, faculty service areas became back burner items. This shift occurred even as it became increasingly apparent that we must provide closer and more intrusive advising for students struggling in their college courses.

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intrusive advising, academic support, physical space, advising environment, faculty advising, William Fleming
There are many benefits to utilizing the active learning environment of web-based instruction. The effectiveness of any learning environment is based upon the types and levels of cognitive and metacognitive activity engendered in the learning process (Oliver, 1996). Learning is enhanced in active environments in which students are engaged in processing personally relevant content and reflection during the learning process. Web-based instruction facilitates student-centered approaches and an active learning environment rich with visual and audio stimuli (Winfield, 1998). It can provide a medium that supports learning in an active learning environment and the ability to track skills and identify gaps in knowledge. It allows for reflective time in the learning process and a degree of participation well beyond that which is possible within the time constraints of a place-based session (Parker, 1998).

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academic support, technology, physical space, distance, Anita Carter

Student advising centers are seen as accessible locations featuring professional advisors who facilitate student potential by assisting with educational plans and connecting students to campus resources – for the students who come. But what about the students who don’t?

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advising strategy, physical space, advising director, Terry Carroll
Posted in: 2010 March 33:1
Many advisors and administrators are being tasked with the difficult job of serving a growing number of students with existing – and often inadequate – physical space. Physical space is especially important when considering first impressions of advisees; space is a tool for facilitating rapport building between the advisor and advisee and should also be perceived as safe for both advisor and advisee.

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rapport, international, Mariam Aslam, advising space, physical space, advising environment
Posted in: 2013 March 36:1

The Dyson College Academic Advising Office at Pace University has made significant strides towards a full-on integration of technology and is consequently changing how students expect, and deserve, immediate attention to their requests. 

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research, professional development, academic support, advising strategy, digital, advising approaches, advising space, physical space, advising environment, Richard D. Miller III, Heather Calchera

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