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It is no secret the work of an academic advisor can be stressful. With large caseloads, changing policies and demands from upper administration, and the wide varieties of emotions students bring to our office, it often can be overwhelming—and the field acknowledges this fact.

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stress, burnout, Kacey Gregerson, Liz Sutton, Olivia Miller, well-being
Posted in: 2022 March 45:1

Several years into the pandemic, academic advising work has entered a new phase of utilizing virtual meetings and other online platforms to communicate with students while maintaining a work-life balance for advisors. To address this emergent issue, tenets of the humanized advising approach can (re)focus online advising on caring for each student’s wellbeing to sustain their motivation to persist in college.

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work-life balance, well-being, Charles Liu, Robert Cermak, motivation, communication technologies
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