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It is important for advisors to remember that the higher education transition for students does take time.  And sometimes, perhaps many times, a student will try their very best and be unsuccessful.  One of our jobs is to help them as they navigate the uncomfortable growth process surrounding those experiences.

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communication, build relationships, Rebecca Hapes, active listening, empathy
Posted in: 2015 June 38:2

Students often lack the motivation to participate in the democratic process because they feel that they cannot make a difference.  Academic advisors can provide knowledge and skills necessary for students to become politically engaged citizens.

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advising approaches, history, communication, encouraging students, international, community relationships, student motivation, critical thinking, empathy, Global Community, conflict resolution, ethics

The author remembers that his advisor never gave up on him.  Not only did that experience change his life, it also allowed him the opportunity to change the lives of others.

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advising strategy, communication, decision-making, undecided, at-risk students, self-authorship, empathy, major choice, new advisor, mentoring, Luke Faust, dismissal
Posted in: 2018 June 41:2

Scholarly and theoretical underpinnings of academic advising acknowledge the importance of the relational component of advising.  A common factors meta-model of academic advising suggests that several factors can be applied to the advisor-student interaction to increase student persistence, regardless of specific advising theory or practice.

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advising strategy, persistence, advising theory, advising research, empathy, Steve Schaffling, engagement
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