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Conversational advising is an advising pedagogy in which the advisor foregoes an authoritative position, and, by doing so, actively creates a learning space where knowledge about each student and his or her unique academic and career plan can be discovered through conversation.

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Posted in: 2014 June 37:2

The student who does not complete their homework and then provides an outrageous excuse to their instructor is one of the most common tropes in popular culture.  An excuse is provided, the student shrugs their shoulders, the instructor gives a sideways grimace, and then the audience laughs.  Advisors know that, in academics, excuses are a regular occurrence and not as funny as television makes excuses seem.

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In an age where budgets are low and student numbers are increasing, advising has the opportunity to clarify curriculum and engage students in academic choices.  In an effort to streamline advising and propel students to take control of their education, the use of advising portfolios and an interactive department orientation were initiated in the Department of Visual Arts at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in a program called A PAART of NKU or Advising Portfolio as a Retention Tool.

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Developing a roadmap for the first year of college is a tool many universities have created as a visual representation of the important transitions, milestones, experiences, knowledge, and skills that students are expected to gain during year one.  The hope is that this roadmap will guide students throughout their college careers so they are prepared when they move on to the next transition.

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Posted in: 2016 June 39:2

When the author was charged to create assessment specifically designed for academic advising, she found assistance at the NACADA Assessment Institute.

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